The Well at Bradford Junction

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Open for carryout Food/Liquor

Now open for carryout Food and Liquor. Must be 21 with valid ID. No beverages can be consumed on premise while waiting for food. Hours are 12pm – 8pm daily.

We continue adding items for pick-up, so check out the online store.

You can also call us at 303-838-0444 or come by to place your order. 

Support your neighborhood pub and friendly servers during this closure.  
Thank you!

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Tele: 303-816-4769


Soup of the Day                                                                Varies                   Edamame GF VG VT ORG                                           $6.00

Check with your server for today’s specials                                           Young soybeans in pods lightly seasoned


Chips & Salsa GF VG VT ORG                                    $4.00                     Chunky Guacamole GF VG VT ORG                        $7.00

Organic salsa served with gluten-free chips                                         Made w/ hand scooped Hass avocadoes              and chips               


Hummus GF VG VT ORG                                             $6.00                     Jalapeno & Artichoke Dip GF   VT ORG                  $9.00

Organic hummus served with vegetables & GF crackers                 Served with vegetables and gluten-free crackers


Cheese and crackers GF   VT ORG                            $5.00                     Beef Taquitos                                                                    $5.00

Variety of cheese served with GF crackers & Preserves                    Tasty shredded beef rolled in fresh corn tortillas


Add cheese $.50, add bacon $1.00, gluten free buns $2.00.

Flamed broiled Angus Cheeseburger                    $5.00

Premium flame broiled angus beef steak with American cheese on a sesame seed bun. Served with kettle chips prepare by Wing Wagon.


Chicken Nuggets                                                              $5.00                    

Panko breaded nugget shaped chicken breast patties with rib meat. Served with kettle chips prepared by Wing Wagon.


Vegan burger GF VG VT ORG                                    $6.00                    

An organic harvest of quinoa, kale, & almonds. GMO free. Served with kettle chips prepared by Wing Wagon


White Castles (2)                                                             $3.00

White Castle the original slider

choose hamburger or cheeseburger. 100% beef


Beefless Sliders by Gardein (2) VG                          $4.69

Deliciously meat free. Vegan, Non-GMO, and Dairy Free


Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings (8)                                                 $9.00

Buffalo style chicken wing sections coated with a flavorful, tangy sauce. Served with Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing


Organic Ice Cream Sandwich VT ORG                    $2.00

Organic vanilla ice cream in between two organic chocolate wafers

GF=Gluten Free                               VG=Vegan         VT=Vegetarian                                ORG=Organic


Mediterranean Pizza                      $11.00

Mozzarella and Feta Cheeses Topped with Roasted Red Peppers Spinach Mushrooms and Red Onions


Supreme Pizza                                 $13.00

Italian sausage, uncured pepperoni, green and red peppers, onions, and black olives. Thin crust.


Sicilian Pizza                                    $13.00

Rich tomato sauce topped with a blend of cheese zesty capicola ham Italian sausage and hearty salami.


Margherita Pizza                             $11.00

Delicious blend of tomato sauce, garlic, and mozzarella. Thin and crispy crust.


Vegan Margherita Pizza                 $13.00

Delicious blend of tomato sauce, tomato chunks, and vegan mozzarella. Thin and crispy crust. (VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE and SOY FREE)


Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza              $13.00

Four cheese gluten free pizza with mozzarella, fontina, parmesan and asiago cheese. Thin & crispy crust.



Pepperoni Pizza                              $12.00


Cheese Pizza                                    $11.00


Personal (cheese or pepperoni)   $3.00